ISPSD2021 | The 33rd International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs (ISPSD)

Paper Submission

ISPSD 2021 Author Information

Important Deadlines:

  • Decision notification: Feb 10, 2021 23:59 (GMT -0700)

  • Final paper submission / Copyright deadline Apr. 05, 2021 23:59 (GMT -0700)

Late News Submissions:

  • ALL submissions must be made on-line from this web site.

  • Email submissions will NOT be accepted.

  • The paper must be prepared in the final paper format and 4-page maximum.

  • Late news submission deadline Mar. 19, 2021 (GMT -0700)

Categories and Paper Topic Examples

1. High Voltage Devices (HV)

High voltage silicon based discrete device (> 200V), including:
  • IGBTs, thyristors, GTOs and PiN diodes

  • Superjunction MOSFET and new unipolar device

  • High voltage power device failure mechanism

  • Wafer technology and lifetime control

  • New gate drive method to enhance IGBT and Superjunction MOSFET performance

  • Safe operating area and current filament effect in IGBT

  • New edge termination

  • Simulation or measurement technology related to this category

2. Low Voltage Devices and Power IC device Technology (LVT)

Low voltage silicon base discrete power device (≤ 200V) and power devices for power ICs for all voltage range, including:
  • High performance power MOSFET for DC-DC converters

  • LIGBT, LDMOS for 600V power ICs

  • SOI power devices for power ICs

  • Power device design on BCD technology

  • Device isolation technology

  • MOSFET structure for level shifter

  • Process integration for low voltage power devices


  • Simulation / measurement technology related to this category
    (LVT category covers device design, device idea and device physics etc..)

3. Power IC Design (ICD)

Circuit design and demonstration using power IC technology platform, including:
  • Gate driver circuit design including WBG power device applications

  • Circuit design for SiC and GaN based IC

  • New circuit and layout design enhancing power IC performance

  • Single chip inverters and converters

  • New signal isolation technology on power IC such as magnetic coupling

  • Power SoC and passive component integration on a chip

  • ESD protection circuit

  • Compact circuit model for power IC design

  • New type of hybrid power ICs

  • Modeling, design platform and measurement technology for power IC

  • Note: ICD category covers power IC circuit design, system integration and IC architecture etc.

4. GaN and Nitride Base Compound Materials: Device and Technology (GaN)

GaN and nitride base power devices technology and integration, including:
  • AlGaN/GaN hetero device

  • Vertical GaN MISFET

  • AlN power devices

  • Special circuit and application for GaN and nitride base power devices

  • GaN and nitride base power IC technology

  • Special application for GaN and nitridel devices

  • New process integration for GaN power IC

  • Simulation / measurement technology related to this category

5. SiC and other Materials: Device and Technology (SiC)

SiC and other material base power devices technology and integration, including:
  • SiC power MOSFET, IGBT, SIT device and process development

  • SiC power IC technology

  • Diamond power devices

  • Gallium oxide power devices

  • Special application for SiC and other material devices

  • New process technology for SiC and other material devices

  • Simulation / measurement technology related to power device

6. Module and Package Technologies: System Integration in Package (PK)

Module and Package technology for discrete power devices and power ICs, including
  • Power module, Transfer molded package demonstration

  • Power module design including wire frame

  • Chip current and temperature measurement

  • Pressure contact packages for high power system applications

  • Thermal management and new cooling technology

  • Stress and strain simulation for package structures and materials

  • 3D-package and stray inductance management

  • Package design against noise and switching losses

  • Reliability physics and failure analysis related to package design and material

  • Package insulation technology and material, high temperature endurance

  • Power SiP hardware design

  • Application specific aspects (considering system integration e.g. different sub-topology, etc.)

  • Simulation / measurement technology related to this category