ISPSD2021 | The 33rd International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs (ISPSD)

Author & Chair Instructions

Author & Chair Instructions Top

Chair Instruction


1. Preparation

Please align with your co-chair beforehand who will chair which papers of the session (introduction and running Q&A) and inform an engineer of the each chair’s charge.

Launch Zoom by click the pre-sent meeting URL 30minutes before the session starting time or after the end of the last session.

In parallel, you have to enter the virtual live room (Nobunaga/Ieyasu).

Because you need to confirm the delivery status of the presentations and check the questions in the chat box during Q&A time. We recommend to use “dual monitors”.

It is noted that there is about 30sec time difference between the Zoom meeting room and the virtual live room. So the virtual live room’s audio must be muted.

2. Opening

You must enter the Zoom meeting room 30minutes before the session starting time or after the end of the last session with your microphone and camera enabled.

Please explain how to proceed with the session and do various checks of all the presenters in the session. Microphones and cameras are ready?

To share their screens is available? etc..

In case the presenter is not online by the beginning of his talk by whatever reason please ask the technical staff to start the pre-recorded video (they listen throughout the whole session). Hamada-san, Omura-san and Shiraki- san will be visible as emergency chairs in each session so that they are available in case needed, but by default they will stay quiet.

When the session starting time comes, please make presenters turn off their cameras. After confirming all presenter’s cameras are out of view in Zoom, say “let’s start” or something in order to send a starting signal to the technical staffs. They will begin to deliver the Zoom screen to the virtual live rooms.

Please introduce yourselves and the session, and inform following notifications.

  1. Questioners should ask via the chat system for live question.
  2. Besides it is need to input their affiliate because it will not be visible in the chat box.
  3. There will be about 30sec of delay between speakers and audiences, so that questioners should input questions before finish the presentation.
  4. The questions should be as simple and clear as possible to reduce the burden on the session chairs. (Long comments are not recommended.)

Make turn-off your co-chair’s microphone and camera.

3. Presentation

When the starting time for each presentation comes, check whether the presenter’s microphone and camera available or not. If not, please announce to turn them on.

If the presenter is not available, announce to play the pre-recorded video.

After confirming the presenter and you are visible on the screen, please introduce the paper title, affiliate and name then kick-start the presentation.

You must turn-off your microphone during the presentations.

4. Q&A

After the presentation, thank the presenter and declare that it is time for Q&A with your microphone enabled.

Choose some questions in the chat box and read them aloud.

If there is no question, you will ask as a questioner.

When the Q&A time is over, thank the presenter again and say something to encourage his greetings. If the presenter’s camera is not available or his screen is shared yet, please announce to stop sharing and turn-on the camera.

In case a paper finishes ahead of the scheduled time, please wait with the beginning of the next paper until the scheduled time.

5. Closing

When all the presentations are finished, you and your co-chair thank again all the presenters and close the session with your microphones and cameras enabled.

After that please introduce the next session or event.

The technical staff will stop delivery the Zoom screen to the virtual live room.

Leave the Zoom meeting room.

6. Trouble shooting

When the presenters have some trouble due to the system malfunction (freeze the screen, no sound, etc..) , please try to inform by using direct chat (Not to all) in the Zoom.

If the presenter leave the Zoom during the presentation unintentionally, the technical staff will switch to the pre-recoded video and it will be delivered until the end of the presentation. The Q&A time will not be given if the presenter can’t back after finish the pre-recoded video.

If you leave the Zoom unintentionally, you should try to re-enter by click the same meeting URL. Your co-chair or the emergency chair will handle the session if you can’t back.