ISPSD2021 | The 33rd International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs (ISPSD)

Author & Chair Instructions

Author & Chair Instructions Top

Authors Instructions

Short Course

1. Preparation materials

Presentation slide

Recommended aspect ratio for best viewing is 16:9, although 4:3 can be used as well in Microsoft PowerPoint version 2013 or higher.

The PPT slide should be provide by Mar. 31st via email to the organizer.

The slide data will be accessibe by attendee of short course only.

Pre-recoded video

We request you to pre-record your presentation for backup in case of connection lost during live presentation.

It is also used for on-demand delivery after the live presentation.

The recoded video file must be in MP4 format and the bit rate should be lower than 1Mbps. The record time should be 50 minutes.

You should upload it to the provided link no later than May 14th.

The upload functionality will be available on the WEB system from April 16th onwards. The upload site information will be emailed to the author when the site becomes available.

2. Preparation for presentation

The short course will be divided into 3 sub sessions with 2 lectures.

Launch Zoom by click the pre-sent meeting URL 30minutes before the sub session starting time.

In parallel, we recommend to enter the virtual live room (Nobunaga).

Because you can confirm the delivery status of your presentation and check the questions in the chat box during Q&A time. In this case, “dual monitors” would be convenient.

It is noted that there is about 30sec time difference between the Zoom meeting room and the virtual live room. So the virtual live room’s audio must be muted. If your connection is not stable, please close the virtual live room.

3. Opening

The presenters must enter the Zoom meeting room 30minutes before the sub session starting time with microphone and camera enabled.

The chair will explain how to proceed with the session and do various checks.

Microphone and camera are ready? To share their screen is available? etc..

5 minutes before the session starts, the presenters must turn-off their microphones and cameras by themselves. (Only chair’s camera is in Zoom view)

When the session starting time comes, the chair would say “let’s start” or something in order to send a start signal. The technical staffs will begin to deliver the Zoom screen to the virtual live room. Only the chair is visible on the screen.

The chair will say a greeting and introduce the session.

4. Presentaion

After introduction of the session or previos presenter leaves the Zoom meeting room, turn-on your microphone and camera.

You and the chair are visible on the screen.

The chair will introduce your lecture title, affiliate and name, then kick-start your presentation.

Please give a short greeting and then turn-off your camera and share your screen with full screen mode.

Start your presentation.

When finish your presentation, exit “full screen mode” to see the chat box in the virtual live room. However please keep sharing your screen until the end of your presentation time.

5. Q&A

After the presentation, the chair will thank you and declare that it is time for Q&A with his microphone enabled.

He choose some questions in the chat box and read them aloud. If there is no question, he will ask as a questioner.

Please give answers for the questions. If you enter the virtual live room, the questions in the chat box are visible. You can read the questions only in the virtual room chat. (Zoom chat never show questions from audiences.)

When the Q&A time is over, the chair will thank you again and encourage your greeting.

Stop shearing your screen.

Please turn-on your camera and say hello to the audiences.

Leave the Zoom meeting room.

6. Answering questions in your chat box after presentation

Your presentation will be shown for one month after closing the conference.

We recommend you to check your Q&A chat box in the virtual system and respond questions submitted after your presentation if you receive them.

7. Trouble shooting

When your presentation has some trouble due to the system malfunction (freeze the screen, no sound, etc..) , the chair will try to inform you by using direct chat in the Zoom. So please make sure that you can see the Zoom chat even during the presentation.

If you leave the Zoom during the presentation unintentionally, the technical staff will switch to the pre-recoded video and it will be delivered until the end of the presentation. You should try to re-enter the Zoom by click the same meeting URL. Please give answers for questions if you can back by the Q&A time.