ISPSD2021 | The 33rd International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs (ISPSD)

Author & Chair Instructions

Author & Chair Instructions Top

Authors Instructions


1. Preparation materials

Final manuscript

The manuscript must be written in PDF format and within 4 pages.

You should submit it via epaper system by April 5th.

Supporting document

You are requested to upload one additional supporting document in PDF format such as slide of your short presentation with additional page.

It is not recommended to upload A0 poster PDF as the supporting document.

You should upload it to the provided link no later than May 14th.

The upload functionality will be available on the WEB system from April 16th onwards. The upload site information will be emailed to the author when the site becomes available.

Besides, your corresponding final paper will also automatically be uploaded in your poster page.

Pre-recoded video

We request you to pre-record short presentation for on-demand delivery.

The recoded video file must be in MP4 format and the bit rate should be lower than 1Mbps. The record time should be 3 minutes.

The video should contain typically 3 to 5 slides. Recommended aspect ratio for best viewing is 16:9, although 4:3 can be used as well in Microsoft PowerPoint version 2013 or higher.

You should upload it to the provided link no later than May 14th.

2. Presentation

The attendee can watch all uploaded materiials in your poster page.

The poster page will be displayed during the whole virtual conference and until June 30th.

3. Q&A

Within the poster sessions, each poster will have its own chat associated for people watching your poster page on ISPSD 2021 on-line platform.

The attendee can ask questions via the chat system. Please check the question box and answer via the system.

The poster core time is from 16:10 to 17:40. Please check your chat box and answer the questions immidiately at that time slot.